I have been so lucky, having this chance to work on an island like Boracay. Every day my belief in paradise is reaffirmed; imagine how beautiful it is to witness the sun rise while taking a break from your morning beach jog, sitting on the powdery white sand and letting your feet play, feel the calm breeze of fresh air, taking a sip of taho and just listening to the waves invite you into the ocean. This is life.

But what fascinates me more than working here, is the interesting food culture that has taken root on the island. A lot of great restaurants serving international cuisine is one of my favorite aspects of the island. I don’t need to travel to other countries on a daily basis just to get a unique breakfast – it’s all found right here on Boracay! Whether you like Mexican, Hawaiian, Moroccan, American, Japanese, Korean, Italian etc. you can find it here.

Here’s a list of the restaurants that we have prepared for you – so get ready!

Station 1

Station 2

In a previous blog post I covered Station One HERE. [insert link to station one blog post] Let’s move on to the beach station where most of the crowd can be found! Station 2 is known to be the busiest since it’s the center of attraction & island.

Sometimes, when it’s my day off and I don’t have any idea what I’m really craving for, station 2 decides for me. Why? Most of the restaurants are found here, whether you’re on a strict budget or not.

If restaurant hopping is your thing with no transportation included, get those feet moving because this is your territory! Everything’s right here for you. Side by side, by side, you can find both the most affordable and expensive restaurants.

Check out some of the best restaurants that can be found in this area – I hope you’re on an empty stomach!

Are your taste buds getting more excited to visiting Boracay? They should be since we’re only on Station 2. I’ve got Station 3 and a few more areas to show you in the coming weeks!

If you want to get ahead of me, feel free to download the latest issue of My Boracay Guide Book and Map update #26

It’s totally free – no signup required. Browse through and check out the most appealing restaurants on Boracay island!


Station 2: D’Mall

The D’mall area of Boracay is the central gathering area, of the central beach. You can find several ATM’s here, tourist knick-knacks, great food and good drinks.

Station 3



Spiderhouse Restaurant


₱ 250