Supermagic Burgers

Supermagic Burgers “Lip-smacking Burgers on the island”
If Spicebird and Sunny Side Café got your taste buds, then you should give more room for Supermagic Burgers. Located at the Sands Hotel, try their Supermagic Classic with Cheese Burger freshly made patty, Umami Dust and real cheese with French fries on the side. Luscious sandwiches and toothsome desserts are also available here!

Go there for their best sellers:
• Supermagic Umami Bomb
• Supermagic Shrimp Roll
• Supermagic Shroom Burger

Additional details:
• Starting price: Php 225.00
• Business Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
• Contact No.: 288-1592

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