Boracay Toilet

Boracay Toilet “Satisfy Your Urge!”

This new unique restaurant located near Balabag Plaza is another reason to visit Boracay. This is a Philippines’ version of the famous Toilet café of Taiwan! If you’re brave enough to try out their different dishes like Pee Steak Tagalog (Beef Steak) & Chicken Pork a-poo poo (Chicken Pork Adobo) and desserts such as Utot Muron (Turon) served in a miniature toilet bowl, then you should be here! They even have a huge toilet bowl as their photo booth marking it as one of their main attractions.
Go there for their best sellers:

  • Shitsig
  • Panshit
  • Karekadiri
  • Kaldirita
  • Tortang Talong

Additional details:

  • Starting Price: Php 240.00
  • Business Hours: 11AM – 2PM, 5PM-10PM (Low Season), 11AM-10PM (High Season)
  • Contact No.: 0915-311-0736

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