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Boracay Sunset Cruise

Paraw Sailing


Stand Up Paddle on the Beach

Stand Up Paddle Snorkeling

Wind Surfing

Kite Boarding

Jet Ski

Helmet Dive


Scuba Diving

Banana Boat

Island life is synonymous with water activity. We have some of the best and newest activities found on Boracay as well as the tested classics. Finding thrill, wonder and adventure in the waters surrounding Boracay has never been easier. 

If you have a very large group that prefers to share in the same activity, yet want to keep the total cost reasonable, Banana boat and fly fish are good, safe choices.  For action travelers who just can’t get enough watersports, Kite boarding, wind surfing, and free diving are all exciting, physical activities.

For absolute beginners who just want to quickly try something and see how it fits, Aquarium Ocean walk, and Helmet dive are easy ways for the young and old alike to see how attractive an activity is, before graduating on to getting instruction and diving one of Boracay’s several nearby dive sites.

Parasailing water activity on Boracay

If you are looking for a great chance to take great vacation photos, these water activities are some of the best places to try. Most surface activities will have a spot or two on the boat or otherwise, where you can get great shots of family and friends enjoying your aqua-venture.

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